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Welcome to the CorbaCraft wiki!
We'll start things off by telling you a little about CorbaCraft and what we're about;

Corbacraft was founded in 2012. A group of friends decided they wanted to play on a Minecraft server that was somewhat vanilla but had some of the features vanilla lacked. Things such as a global economy, shops, and the ability to warp to different areas of the map quickly.

As time went on random players from all around the world found their way onto Corbacraft. When doing so the current owner, “Ergology_CC” realized a community has formed.

Since this time Corbacraft has become the Minecraft home to hundreds of thousand’s of players all around the world. From North America, to Australia Corbacraft is now a world wide community based on our three core values.

Friendliness, Respect, and the desire to Grow