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IGN: beepbop
17 days ago

Swing into Spring

with Corbacraft


Hello everyone! I come bringing an exciting announcement! As you know we started having holiday events, they last about 2 weeks, and are chock full of events and special, limited time prizes! Well, spring is no exception and we are happy to announce our Spring Event!

Starting today, Friday May 6th at 4pm EST, join the /event server to check out our new map. Use our schedule provided to see what events we have planned for each day. Any event held will be held at 4pm EST. This ends on May 23rd.

Things to expect from this event:

  • New Map: A brand new map, The Bunny Hollow, centered around spring. Any event will have a specially made warp. We hope you enjoy taking a stroll around the map to see everything we built!

  • Tokens: You are able to earn pre-determined amounts of tokens from events, parkour, and a maze. Event tokens are given out at the end of events, other tokens are only able to be obtained once a week. These are the same tokens earned from other events, so you can continue to save up!

  • Events: Special made events that all have the theme of spring, and Easter. Each day will have one single event and each event has it’s own special prize box that is themed for that event! These are limited time and will likely not return next year.

  • Mini-games: Three themed mini-games that will be ran on certain days, but with an event member can be ran at any time (as long as there are enough players willing and an event member to run them). Tokens will not be awarded for any games or events outside of event times.

  • Store Sale: We will run a 30% sale in our store from today until May 23, link is:

    We are sad to announce that we do not have new cosmetics or particles for this event due to time constraints. We hope that you all enjoy the event that many people worked so hard to make!


The Schedule:


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