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IGN: beepbop
2 months ago

Back again this year with our annual St. Patrick's Day Island! This Island was reworked from last year to bring you more goodies. Join it using /warp stpats!

We had our second Build Comp for the holiday islands and these are the players who had a build added to the island:

  • Defendra: donated a pot of gold
  • meetle_: donated a shamrock tree and a leprechaun
  • BEC510: donated a leprechaun's hat, balloons, a shamrock, and gold clovers

Congratulations to the three of you! Each one of you will receive a St. Patrick's key to use on the holiday crate for being selected.

Minor change-log for this event:

  • New build for the spawn of the holiday island
  • St. Pat's maze and parkour added
  • Treasure Hunt has been added

The St. Pat's crate will go live in a couple of days, but keys can still be earned.

Finally, we also have a running sale in our store: 25% off for the duration of this holiday island, which is about a week starting today. Anyone who makes a purchase will recieve a free St. Patrick's Key! Happy Shopping!

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