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IGN: beepbop
2 months ago


Welcome back to another Community Post! 



Server Updates:


Please read through the most current announcement for all of the fixes we have recently done.



Team Updates:


Applications are open and can be found in the Application section of the forums! Good luck to all that apply!


Build Team is looking for dedicated builders to work in a fast paced environment while completing assignments on schedule! Apply using the link above. Not into building? We have a couple spots open for dedicated redstone builders!

Event Team applications are currently closed.
Staff Team applications are currently closed.


Event Winners:

Each month we will count up which players won first place the most, and weekly we will post whoever won first place! Remember you get a special shulker box full of items for first place, if you haven’t won first place that week.


Monthly 1st place winner for February:

This month is a TIE between:
AxolotlQueen and Astrcomiical both with 4 wins each!!



Bi-Weekly 1st place winners:

February 25  - March 10:


AxolotlQueen - Twice

JakeIsNotAMeme - Once

MollyMur01 - Once

Roze0lifant - Once

TheGoldenDragon8 - Once

TinyTiger1234 - Twice








What could be at the end of that rainbow…..



Which mob would you alter by adding in another variant and why?

I would add another variant of bear to the mountains, and have grizzly bears!




Player Highlights:

Warp to /spawn and walk forward to find the POTW chest on the right and the Build Prompt chest on the left.


Player of the Week:


Another anonymous submission. Congratulations!





Build Prompt:

Build Prompts will be given out every 2 weeks. The theme will be announced here and in spawn. To participate please either comment the home set your build can be found at, or drop a book into the Build Prompt chest with the home set/ coords. Builders will be voting on the winner! Any inappropriate builds will not be chosen and will be reported to staff.

Current Build Prompt is:

Lucky Charms



Last Build Prompt winner was:
Jakeisnotameme, with an honorable mention to BEC510!


Top Voter for February:


Thank you for voting! This helps our server so much.



Top Donator for February:

Nishlig with $376.00 USD

Thank you for donating to us! 



Riddle of the Week:

Anyone who correctly answers will receive a random mystery prize on the following Monday! These prizes include money, keys, claimblocks, and more!


What is used to add magic to your items?


Leave your answers and a homeset you would like your prize to be, and good luck!




Special News:

Building Comp for St. Patrick’s Day is going on until  Sunday, March 13th!



Thank you all for reading and we hope to see you in the next one!



Social Media Links:

🔵 Twitter 🔵


🤳 TikTok 🤳


📸 Instagram 📸


💬 Twitch 💬


📽️ YouTube 📽️

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Discord: jake 𓆏#0124
IGN: JakeIsNotAMeme
2 months ago

Riddle: enchantment table and anvil with enchanted books (/home home)

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2 months ago

Congrats Josh on POTW and Jake on Build prompt!! Those flowers look amazing! :D

Discussion: I think it would be cool if there was an iron golem like mob but you could make it out of netherite blocks and it would be stronger than a normal iron golem

Riddle: Enchantment table? /home Axo

Also I cant wait to see who wins the new build comp!! :D

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IGN: AxolotlQueen
2 months ago

Riddle: Enchantment books and anvil? enchanting table? /home abase (its a cave with horses on it to the left xD)
 Congrats on POTW Josh and congrats Jake! :D

Discussion: Mine is a tie between tamed wolves to make dog breeds (or a whole other mob to make as dogs like they did with cats) and bears with your idea but with black bears as well.
Also this isnt on discussion but still a cool idea there is a mod thats like vanilla plus and i think it would be cool to have a feature from it where you can feed a baby animal a rotten potato and it makes them babies forever like imagine a baby polar bear forever or a baby fox forever aHH


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Discord: ColorSplit#5949
IGN: ColorSplit
2 months ago

Congrats to Jake on the build prompt! I love the flowers
Also congrats to Josh for POTW
As for the discussion question, I would like to add a silverfish/endermite variant. Perhaps a rat or something like that. They would spawn rarely in the plains and more commonly around crops. They would eat crops (not trample, my idea would be to reverse crop progression). Cats ofc keep them away, or you can tame them if you'd prefer
For the riddle, the answer is enchantment tables and enchanted books with an anvil. (and xp and lapis if you wanna be really specific)