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Discord: Mr.Pranklez#0720
IGN: lUD4Kris
about 1 month ago

Over the course last few days we've been working hard on better integration of our discord server and website with our Minecraft server. This is primarily to increase our user authentication quality and further integrate our website and discord in the things that we do. Below you'll find a summary on the specifics that have changed.

  • Forums:
    • Registration on our website has entirely been reworked to make it more secure
    • Bedrock users are now also able to register on our forums from now on (albeit a bit more complicated)
    • For more instructions on how our new registration will work from now on check
    • This does not affect anyone who was already registered before this change
  • Discord:
    From now on you will be able to link your discord account with your Minecraft to automatically get all the roles you are entitled to (supporter/devoted/donator/…)
    • To do this you can run !link in #bot-spam
    • You will then receive a DM from our Chip Bot
    • In that dm there will be a command something along the lines of /discord sync ######
    • Run the command you get in-game and your discord and Minecraft accounts will be linked
    • This will also be used in the future for user verification rather than a simple reaction
  • 1.18 Compatibility:
    We are now compatible with Minecraft 1.18 on all platforms Minecraft Java Edition and Bedrock Edition
    • We are finalizing things to make the 1.16.x world download of Lothar available to everyone, stay posted for an announcement on that soon.
    • In the upcoming days we'll closely monitor updates of all the resources we need from third parties and as soon as we have an idea of when we'll be able to release the new Lothar we'll also announce this.

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Discord: Dont Have One
IGN: ProbablyNotPro
about 1 month ago

On the link to register it leads to a 404 page, I think it's because there is a typo in the link.

Just wanted to point it out :)

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