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Discord: Mr.Pranklez#0720
IGN: lUD4Kris
2 months ago
  • Global:
    • Corba+ will now be able to use /glow color and /glow blink
    • Some adjustments have been made to disguises and have now been set up as originally intended
    • Prefixes and suffixes have been stripped from names in /list to make things more legible
    • Reworked a part of our database system to ensure optimal operation even when our website experiences some downtime
    • Daily crate will now have a cooldown of 20 hours instead of 24 to ensure that players are able to claim their reward daily
    • Patched an exploit that could cause the server to crash
  • Philia:
    • You will now be able to buy invisible item frames and glow item frames from Poopdeck Pete using /shop
    • 1.8 PvP has been fixed on Philia
    • Patched the third potato and netherwart farming quest
    • You will now only need to confirm a pwarp teleport if it has a cost set
    • All worldborders have expanded to 20k
    • /tps will be available again on the next server restart
    • Fixed a minor issue where unnecessary PvP messages were displayed
  • Lothar:
    • Fixed an issue where single-use corba balls were given out instead of reusable ones from the crates
  • Creative:
    • Players will now be able to /plot visit eachother
    • Donator ranks have been ported over to creative including any relevant perks that come with them
    • All cosmetics are now also available on Creative (Pets, Disguises, glow)
    • You will now be able to trust up to 4 different people to your plot
    • Weather cycle has been disabled on the creative server, daylight cycle will remain enabled
    • Devine+ is able to adjust time and weather on their plots
    • VoxelSniper alias conflicts have been resolved
  • Forums:
    • We have now introduced badges on our forums that you will be able to unlock based on the amount of posts you make
    • You will now be able to search for specific things using the search bar on our wiki
  • Discord:
    • #minecraft-news has been made available again, now that Mojang is releasing actual snapshots again
    • We've introduced a fancy new banner on discord, this was only possible thanks to all of our nitro boosters, more of these types of things will be added in the future

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