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Community Post - Week 32
 beepbop •   3 days ago •  108

Welcome back to another Community Post! 


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[CC 4.6.3] Synchronize Everything + 1.18?
 lUD4Kris •   6 days ago •  95

Over the course last few days we've been working hard on better integration of our discord server and website with our Minecraft server. This is primarily to increase our user authentication quality and further integrate our website and discord in the things that we do. Below you'll find a summary on the specifics that have changed.

  • Forums:
    • Registration on our website has entirely been reworked to make it more secure
    • Bedrock users are now also able to register on our forums from now on (albeit a bit more complicated)
    • For more instructions on how our new registration will work from now on check
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Community Post - Week 31
 beepbop •   10 days ago •  179


Welcome back to another Community Post! 




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Hardcore Server + Lothar Archive
 lUD4Kris •   16 days ago •  606

As you all know, we'll be archiving Lothar in order to start making preparations for 1.18, the second part of the caves and cliffs update. We also have a small Thanksgiving event prepared that will be going live tomorrow. We have a whole bunch of things to talk about in this announcement so be sure to read all the details below.

  • Hardcore Survival Server:
    To bridge the gap between the 1.17 update and 1.18 update, we have decided to open up a new server, the Hardcore server. This will be a server that will run during the transition period between 1.17 and 1.18....
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Community Post - Week 30
 beepbop •   17 days ago •  172

Welcome back to another Community Post! 



Server Updates:

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