Corbacraft Website


As you can see, we have finally made a new server website. I wanted to take some time and go through some of the new changes that we have made to hopefully improve your experience both on and off the server.

First, we have and most important. We have added a new guide section that you can use to learn more advanced functions of the plugins we use. These guides will slowly be added onto over time as we add plugins and remove plugins from the server. The goal of this is to lessen the learning curve to get started in Corbacraft.

Second, we have added this “News” section. We are going to start posting the community updates, general announcements, and other important information to this section. This is supposed to act as a more sophisticated way of announcing these type of things.

Third, a new voting page. At this time there isn’t really anything special about it aside from the simplicity of pressing the site you want to vote on. lol…

You can expect changes to be made to this site overtime especially on our homepage. We will slowly be trying to integrate some sort of Instagram feed system to the home page to feature builds and what not.

If you notice any issues that we haven’t addressed on the site, please submit these issues on our Discord.

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