What is a Land Claim

Claiming your land allows you to only have people you trust build, open your chest, and use your resources in your base. Land claims ensure your build is protected from griefers, and thieves. Each player starts with 5000 claim blocks and can earn more from voting, or by buying them from the store. To begin claiming you land use /claim to obtain a golden claim shovel.


Allow others onto your claim

To allow another player to open your chest, build on your claim, and use anything inside your claim, you will need to use the /trust command. This command is used by typing /trust (NameOfFriend) in chat.

You can trust as many people as you would like. If you ever want to remove someone from your claim just use the /kickfromclaim command. This command is used by typing /kickfromclaim (NameOfFriend) in chat.

Note: This will prevent the player being untrusted from accessing anything on the claim until they are trusted again.


Removing Your Claims

To delete a specific land claim you will need to stand inside of the claim and type /abandonclaim in chat. This will refund any claim blocks you have spent on the claim. This will also make your claim vulnerable to griefers and thieves.

To remove all of your land claims simply type /abandonallclaims in chat. This will remove all of your claims and refund any claim blocks you have spent on the claims.

To remove a subdivide from a claim, simply stand inside of the subdivision and type /abandonclaim in chat. This will only remove the subdivision you are standing in.


Command Cheat Sheet

  • /unclaim – Remove a protection​
  • /claimslist – List all of your protections
  • /subdivide – Create claims within your main claim that you can trust people to
  • /restrictsubclaim Sets subclaim NOT to inherit perms from the parent claim
  • /trust <player> – Allow someone to build and use chests within your claim​
  • /trustlist – See who is trusted in your claim
  • /untrust <player> – Remove a player from your protection
  • /kickfromclaim <player> – Kick a player outside of your claim

Creating a Land Claim

The first step in creating your claim is to use a stick and right click to see all nearby claims. Any claims in the area will be outlined in a square shape of gold blocks.

Once you verify there are no nearby claims you can now start claiming your land. All land claims are rectangles or squares. With that being said you will use your golden shovel to right click two opposite corners, making the land in between yours. If done correctly your claim will be outlined as shown in the image below.

Subdividing Claims

Subdividing claims allows you to give players access to certain parts of your claim. This is the best way to manage a town or shop!

The idea behind subdivisions is simple. You are creating mini-claims within your main claim so that you can trust people to certain areas, but not the entire claim. You are still in control of the border of these mini-claims (size and location). Once a subdivision is created you can trust people the same way as before. Just stand in the mini-claim and use the trust commands. It will only trust them to the mini-claim. (To trust someone to your main claim you will need to stand outside of any mini-claims you’ve created.)

​​To create a subdivision you need to go into “subdivision mode”. You can access this mode with /subdivideclaims. Once you are in this mode you can create the subdivisions the same way you would make a regular claim, just right click two corners. Subdivisions will be outlined with a white dotted line. To leave subdivision mode use /basicclaims.

The picture below illustrates 4 subdivided claims inside of one large claim.